19 July, 2013

Doing the Friday happy dance

I shouldn't have said that yesterday - about things being slow.  The day spun out after that - madness at every turn.  At a meeting I had in the afternoon I had to come face to face with absurd political correctness.  Absurd.  Where does it stop?  I can't go into details because, however unlikely it is that someone here would read it and take offense, I can't take that chance.  Let us just say that I think things are out of control when it comes to that type of thing.  I can understand and embrace diversity and being sensitive to people and their differences.  But somewhere there has to be a bottom line.    Oh well, don't get me on that soapbox.  It's crazy though.

The madness continued after I left.  I was sent a message that I had a FedEx package waiting for me at the apartment office, however they could not find it.  Frustrating.  I wasn't expecting anything from FedEx so I suspect it was a typo on their part, but frustrating nonetheless.  But then I got to give Tink a nice long walk and just relax for the rest of the evening.  It was a fasting day, so dinner wasn't an issue, although going to sleep with such a hunger raging in my tummy was a bit of an issue.  I did lots of work on the Mobius Cowl -- two more skeins to go.

I had a great night and got right up and was on treadmill by 6.  I turned it up to 5.2 and it was a bit more challenging but I made it, although cooling off was a challenge.  It was over 60 degrees when I went out and even with a cool shower afterwards it took some time.  I feel great now after a yummy skinny vanilla latte.  So on with the day.   Here's hoping for a relatively relaxing weekend.  Only one party this weekend.  yay!

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