25 July, 2013

Am I spoiled?

I don't really think so.  We all have priorities.  Travel is one of my priorities.  Unfortunately I must work in order to travel.  It's a vicious circle, isn't it?  I was switching out purses last weekend and opened a zip pocket in a purse that I must have used on my last trip to Europe, which was last November.  I dumped out into my hand a variety of coins - euros and pounds - and I then realized that I won't be going this fall.  I won't be seeing my friends and that's the hardest part.  The trade off is that I'm going to spend a week in a fabulous villa in Mexico in January.  That's not a bad thing!  Plus I get an entire week off at Thanksgiving to just laze around and cook turkey dinner. And then I'll still have vacation time to take from Christmas through New Years off, where I'll be doing a lot more lazing around.  And then I'll have Mexico to look forward to when it's just nasty and cold here.  And I'm going to see my sister in Santa Monica for my birthday.  I have nothing at all to complain about and yet ... and yet I have this one little part of myself that is pouting in the corner because I can't go to Europe this fall.  Maybe I can make something happen for spring of 2014.

The heat continues and yesterday evening I was melting, even with the fans going.  I couldn't even touch my knitting so thankfully I got a few rows done at lunchtime.  I am enjoying my last few days before I get a roommate for the duration of the remodel project, which will start on Monday.  Two people in 660 square feet is going to be a challenge.  Thank goodness for headphones and Wi-Fi.  So I took advantage and sprawled on the couch, watched stupid TV and played video games.  Tink is very slow when it's hot outside.  She doesn't do much playing until it gets cooler in the evening.  Sometimes I hear her late at night chewing on a bone and tossing it around.  Poor little thing.  She needs a haircut but I don't have a spare Saturday until mid-August!

It is supposed to cool down a bit tomorrow.  We're look at 80 plus again today though.  Ah well .... no complaining!  I think back on all those times we don't get a summer at all!  This is wonderful.

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