25 September, 2013


I tell you -- it's one thing after another this year!  Crazy!  There are schedule issues and student issues and paranoid rants. I am on the edge.  And then people are sick at work.  Today both the women in my office are out sick, and another downstairs.  That leaves me in the main office alone with the IT guy, which can get sticky.  People are constantly coming in and asking me questions that I have absolutely no idea about.  Issues with their lab equipment, or packages.  That is the only downside to this office.  I can always close my door, which I believe is going to be my move today.

For my birthday this year I bought myself a subscription to YarnBox and I got my first one yesterday.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  I got three skeins, 217 yards each, of a beautiful squishy soft merino wool from Annie's Yarn.  Robin's Egg blue.  I believe this is enough for a nice wrap.  Or maybe a little cardigan or shrug.  It's not something I would typically buy.  I wish you could feel it.  It's just gorgeous!

The last thing I wanted to do last night was socialize but I had to go to dinner at a friend's house.  The food was awesome, the company as well and I ended up having a fine time.  But I was exhausted when I got home and could barely get through a few pages of my book before I conked out.  Only to wake up at 11 and not be able to get back to sleep.  And then I made the mistake of looking at email and away I went.  I did end up getting to sleep finally and almost turned off my alarm but Tink got sick on the bed.  Yes.  On. The. Bed.  So I got up and stripped the bed and that was the start to my day.  Hey, there's no place to go but up.  And there's noon knitting today.  It's probably only going to be two of us, but who cares?

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