20 September, 2013

What a difference an hour makes

Oh how lovely it was to sleep in, if only for an hour.  It made all the difference.  The football game wasn't very interesting last night.  I didn't own any of the players and it was obvious that Philadelphia was going to lose.  I went to bed rather early, because I have a super good book I'm reading, and read until my eyes wouldn't stay open and then slept like a rock!  It's going to be a long day.  I won't be able to leave work until some time after 6 so I came in an hour early so that I could give Tink a later morning walk.  She didn't want to go outside last night until after 7:30, which is odd for her, but it made it easier for her to sleep later and not get outside until after 8.  It was almost as if she knew the plan.

The Huskies are playing tomorrow but not on a channel I get - again.  As luck would have it, there is a nice sports bar/restaurant across the street from my nail salon, so I will go over there after my appointment and I won't miss much of the game at all. 

Wednesday night I downloaded the new iPhone software (unfortunately my iPad is not of the generation that can take the new iOS).  So far I'm liking it.  I don't think I've gotten to know all of its ins and outs, but it's pretty slick.  And fast!

I sure hope to be able to get some knitting done this weekend, as well as finishing up the crocheted slippers.  I haven't felted anything in a long time and it's one of those "magic" things I just love to do.

Oh how happy - Friday Friday Friday!

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