23 September, 2013

Right on time

Sunday was the first day of autumn and bang!, it was right on time bringing wind and rain.  I'm ready for it this year, considering all the sweltering I have been doing.

Friday night I didn't get home until nearly 7.  Thank goodness I had gone into work an hour early and Tink wasn't suffering.  Not that her life contains much suffering, mind you.  She's got it pretty good.  I was so exhausted I just had a drink and a bite to eat and read for about five seconds before drifting off.  Saturday I had booked an early (10 am) hair appointment so I could watch the Husky football game.  Until I realized I didn't have the channel and would have to find somewhere else to watch it.  I arranged a meet up at a pub across from my nail salon, figuring I'd get my hair done, get a quick manicure and skip the pedi and be at the bar in the first quarter.  But that wasn't how it worked out.  The hair took longer and the bus was late, so I skipped the nail salon and headed straight for the pub.  The Huskies were just running all over Idaho State - not a AAA school.  We chucked it at the half and went on to enjoy the beautiful beautiful last day of summer day.  I steamed mussels for dinner and had a super good bottle of wine.  Perfect.

Sunday was windy and rainy but I headed out and got my grooming done in plenty of time to get back to watch the Seahawks.  They had another terrific game.  In fact, they pulled the starting QB at the third quarter because we were beating the Jags so soundly.  And we kept beating them.  That team is very very deep.  Oh!  And I won my matchup.  Woohoo!  So now I'm 2-1-0, but won't know my standing until after the Monday night game.

I am facing another tough week.  And I couldn't run this morning because my foot is still hurting from when it tweaked out last week.  I am going to let it heal.  Low shoes and no running for a few more days. 

I did get some knitting done and also finished up the monster slippers.  Wow -- they turned out so big.  I can't believe my gauge was so off, but I'm not a crocheter, so ....  I ended up putting them in the washer to felt.  My washing machine, even when on full hot, is not really hot.  Just warm.  So it took two 15 minutes cycles and then I let them spin out and put them in the hot dryer for over an hour.  I didn't look at them this morning.  I hope they're wearable.  It's pretty expensive yarn to just felt and throw away!  I also got some good work done on the Noro Taiyo mitts I'm doing.  Good football knitting.  K2P2.

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