04 September, 2013

The late draft

Finally, last night was our fantasy football draft.  It's twelve of us this year and we are scattered far and wide - from Alaska, through Seattle, out to Massachusetts, and down to Southern California. I got a terrible pick - I was number 10.  I did my best but I got one real dud - I picked a guy that had been dropped from his team the day before!!  And he was still on the list!  Oh I was SO mad!!  I don't know what I'll do if he's not picked up by a team.  Hopefully the Commish can help me out and get me another pick.

That went from 8 until 10.  I had taken Tink out at her normal time, but unfortunately at 1:30 she needed to go again.  I was surprisingly awake and we had a lovely walk.  The weather was just about perfect.  But then I couldn't get back to sleep and kept waking up and trying not to think about work.  Plus it is a workout day so the alarm was set to go off at 5:45.  I thought it was set to go off at 5:45 but I had forgotten to re-set it after turning it off Sunday night.  So I didn't wake up finally until nearly six, at which point I said forget it and tried to get another 30 minutes.  Actually it is fine.  This way I can run tomorrow morning and then have two days of rest before the race on Sunday -- which, by the way, doesn't start until 9:30!  Oh well, I'll just set the game to record.  The Seahawks have their season opener on the road.  It'll be a tough year.

Works is nuts, as usual.  I think this is the worst week of the year, not last week.  And this horrible humidity doesn't help much either.  Why would they remodel the entire office, air condition the hall and NOT the offices?  It's like a sauna in here.  [Okay, no more complaining].

Back to putting out fires.

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