09 September, 2013

I trip to the dark side

Friday was a BEASTLY day!  Just chaotic from the time I walked in until the time I left.  I managed to grab a bowl of soup around 2 and had to close my office door to get some peace.  I don't do well in that atmosphere.  Not to mention the heat and humidity.  I was frazzled when I was finally able to get out and on the bus.  I just wanted to crash and do absolutely nothing.  It was doggie walks and stupid TV and early to bed.

The start of the NFL season was Thursday so I had football to look forward to on the weekend.  It is strange how football and travel are linked in my head.  I should be planning a fall vacation, or at the very least a quick trip to Paris for the soldes in January.  But I am not, and so things are just a little bit off balance for me.  Ah well.  I do have the Mexico vacation in January to look forward to.  And then I'll start planning maybe a spring trip.  You know how I love love love to plan trips!

The Huskies had a bye week (!) so it was errands on Saturday.  I had to get ready for a race on Sunday so I wasn't interested in going out or anything.  Anything except starting a new project.  I was looking at the Noro magazine where I got the pattern for the Mobius Cowl and noticed a nice pair of slippers made from Kureyon.  On closer inspection I saw they were crocheted but I have a few more squares that I know will never be turned into a blanket, so I unraveled them and got down to it.  It became evident on Sunday, when I picked it up again, that I had made a mistake.  I know now the difference between the two stitches I was using but at the time .... hubris.  I should have looked them up.  So Sunday while watching the Seahawks I tore out the first sole and instead started the tops, which are much easier.  I got 1 1/2 done.  Crochet goes much faster than knitting BUT it's not as nice a fabric and it uses twice as much yarn.  That being said, crochet is perfect for these slippers.

My race was fine on Sunday.  Not the fastest I've done but not the slowest either so I'm happy.  And the weather was perfect - not too hot!  I think I'll sign up for one at Seward Park in October.  I've never run there.

Now it's back into the fray.  arghghg

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