18 September, 2013

A super good run

It is a beautiful morning.   Perfect late summer with a blue sky and cooler temperature.  My cool down walk was such a joy I did not want to go back in.  I felt great on the treadmill this morning despite not wanting to get out of bed.  I got going and it felt SO good compared to Monday's poor excuse for a run.  Unfortunately I got a sharp pain in my foot right before I was done.  It's scary when that happens.  It happened once before when I was running around Green Lake's outer path when I was training for the 1/2 marathon.  I was well into mile 5 and all of a sudden a pain shot through my foot.  Same type of thing.  But it was okay and it's okay now although I'm wearing flat shoes as a precaution.  I'll make sure to stretch well before I run on Friday.

I did decide not to sign up for the run at Seward Park in October.  I remembered that I had done a 5K there with Kate a long time ago.  And I did not like the course because it has a hill that starts nearly at the beginning of the run and goes for a mile.  NOT fun.  I'll look for another Green Lake run.  I believe there is one in November.  I did it last year and had a very good time.  Almost three minutes faster than the one I did a couple of weeks ago.

Work is sucking the life out of me.  But after this week there are only two more of this very very busy time.  I can make it.  While I wanted to knit or finish those slippers last night, I just didn't have the psychic energy.  After the doggie walks, and the shower and cleaning up the kitchen and getting some dinner prepped, I didn't feel like doing anything, so I found a movie to watch and then went to bed early and read.  On Comcast's OnDemand I found "Sea of Love" with Al Pacino and Ellen Barkin -- from 1989.  I saw Samuel Jackson in a tiny role.  I love this movie but haven't seen it for so long that I forgot who did it, so it was like a new movie.  I guess there are perks to forgetting things.

Noon knitting but since I've got to get the imaging faculty set up I am going to miss half of it.  Thirty minutes will be nice though.  And maybe tonight I can finish the Mobius Cowl.  I only have 10 more rows to go, then Kitchner the ends together.  I still haven't figured out if it's different for garter stitch, but I would think it is.

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