06 September, 2013

Slept in!

I have been having such a problem with my alarms this week!  I love the iPhone alarm because you can set alarms for different days and then forget about it. BUT, if you have a holiday like we did on Monday, you have to remember to turn it off on Sunday.  I did that, but then I forgot to turn it back on.  Plus I have different wake ups -- 5:45 for workout days and 6:30 for non-workout days.  So that further complicates things and I turned them both off.  Well luckily I woke up at 7 so I wasn't too late.  It's exam day today.  I went to bed very early last night, as in before nine.  I did read but I must have been fast asleep  not long after 9.  So I slept 10 hours!  Good heavens.  I must have really been sleep deprived.  I feel awesome though.

There's a big rain storm hanging about here.  Yesterday there was the thunder and lightening that took out the WiFi and we're supposed to get more of the same today.  So far it's been just drizzling.  I wouldn't mind if it was raining for the run on Sunday.  Unfortunately it doesn't look like it.

There was no knitting last night during the game.  The first NFL game of the season but I couldn't get into it.  I have none of the fantasy players and I was just too darned tired.  I watched most of it.  I am, of course, more excited about Sunday's games.

Well .... exam time.

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