10 September, 2013

A good start

I had a couple players in the Monday Night Football game, which I watched with one eye while I was first finishing up the second slipper top.  After that I started a sole and then because it was black yarn and a bit too dark for that, I picked up the mittens I started in August.  Noro Taio is SO soft!  Who would have thought.  ANYWAY .... back to football.  I won my match up this week - hoorah!  I'm fifth out of twelve.  It's a good start and I'm happy about it.

It took me quite a while to unwind last night - three projects were touched and two worked on.  I didn't get a lunchtime walk yesterday and so I am looking forward to my walk today - hopefully before it gets too hot - and then tomorrow morning it's back on the treadmill at 6 am.  Since I wasn't all that fast for this last race (not as slow as I have been either - I was 9 out of 24 in my age group) I will be working on running a bit faster.  The next race is at the end of October.  Plenty of time.

Week 2 of the anatomy course - this second week is not quite so crazy but very busy nevertheless.  A faculty member quit unexpectedly and she had just gotten two new laptops - a MacBook Air and a PC laptop and I get them both!  And I really really need new laptops.  The one I have at home, the PC one, is ancient and extremely slow.  Anyway I haven't even had time to power the MacBook up yet!  I am dying to take it for a test drive.  Hopefully I can do that today.

I need to get organized for the onslaught of students wanting to go over their exams.  I posted grades yesterday.  There are always a few freaking out.

It is going to be very very hot this week.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 90s!  Good heavens.  It is September!  I am ready for a little bite in the air.  Not a lot -- just a taste.  The leaves are starting to turn and football is being played.  Let's turn down the heat.

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