19 September, 2013


I have always felt that it's not in one's best interest to tinker with the lineup of one's fantasy team.  However - my team was terrible from the start, then with the injuries ... well, I'm having a hard time deciding between two mediocre players.  I have to pick one of them because we have a game tonight.  My opponent has a terrible team as well so I would like to win this one.  Hopefully I'll get it right.

My stress level is out of this world.  Between clashing personalities and normal student angst, plus the next class looming I am having a tough time.  I woke again last night and my mind start whirring.  But this wasn't about a To-Do list so I think I was away for about two hours.  I feel fine this morning, thank goodness.  It's a gorgeous day with a little teeny bite in the air this morning that made me wish I'd put on some gloves or at least fingerless mitts before my walk with Tinkerbell.  I am looking forward to my afternoon walk.

What with work and updating my iPhone to the new software and chores I didn't get around to any knitting, although I am just four rows from finishing up with that cowl.  Again, I wish I liked the colorway a bit more, but it'll look fantastic with a black coat.   And then maybe it'll be cool enough to take on the Mariah again.  Wow, I was looking at the little bit of a start I did get on those sleeves.  This is going to be a gorgeous jacket.

Tomorrow is the second exam and end of week 3 of 5.  I will be happy for this to be over this year.

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