05 September, 2013

Thunder and lightening and rain rain rain

Wow!  Are we ever getting a storm!  It started this morning at my place just as I was finishing up with my run.  I didn't notice until I was outside with Tinkerbell and so on top of the sweat I was soaked by the rain.  Needless to say, I had to catch the early bus so there was no time to dry my hair.  It is pony tail day.  Yeah.  I look grrrrreat!

The thunder and lightening came up to the U by 8:30 just as I was starting the students on their pre-class quiz.  It shut down the WiFi right in the middle of it, so I guess everyone gets a point.  I had a wonderful run this morning but I would really like a walk at lunchtime as well.  I have an umbrella.  As long as it's not pouring I should be fine.  I wore boots.

Tonight the NFL season opens.  Last night was soccer.  I only watched part of the game.  Even though Seattle is soccer crazy - and we got a new guy who is a great player - I still can't get into it too much.  Plus - how is this for crazy.  They get a new guy and then immediately he and the other best guy on the team are NOT playing for the Sounders but rather for the World Cup team.  I will never ever ever understand soccer.  At least it's just for a few games.  I gather that in Europe the teams take a break when their good players are playing World Cup games.  That makes sense.

I was SO exhausted last night.  The combination of heat and work.  I could not do a thing.  I had a toasted sandwich for dinner and lounged on the bed with my iPad, fielding work emails from harried students.  I finally conked out around 9.  I haven't even been able to read this week!  I am hoping I can get a little knitting done tonight during the game.  Ooo ... and I had better make sure I like my lineup this afternoon.  I won't be able to to change it after that.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday.

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