16 September, 2013

Another fantastic storm

It is unusual for us to get so many thunder storms but we had another big one yesterday.  At least it was rather quick because it stopped the football game for almost an hour!  What a great game though.  The Seahawks really beat San Francisco.  Beat them good.  Unfortunately my guy - the one on my fantasy team - didn't even touch the ball last night and two of my other players were hurt during their games.  I definitely lost my match up this weekend.  My opponent has another player tonight and he's already 20 points ahead of me.  Ah well .... next week.

Saturday the Huskies were playing in Illinois and the game was televised on a college football channel that I was sure I had.  Unfortunately, after running errands all day I was looking forward to watching the game and found it had not recorded because I don't get that channel.  I hate Comcast.  They won but I would rather have seen it.

Since the Seahawks game wasn't until Sunday night I spent the majority of Sunday giving the apartment a good cleaning and washing the dog.  Frankly it was such a busy weekend I don't feel like I got much of a rest at all.  And it's busy busy busy at work as well.  I need a vacation.  January is SO far away!  I'm going to have a little weekend jaunt in a couple of weeks.  But I feel like I need a week.  Hopefully I can get a week off in October once I get the Histo class going.  I need to recharge. 

I didn't have much of a run this morning either.  On Friday I had to use my inhaler in the afternoon and I was grumbling to myself that it just didn't seem to be working.  Then I looked at it - empty.  No wonder if wasn't working.  Silly me.  I got it refilled Saturday and good thing too.  Nevertheless I still didn't have a very good run this morning.  See above.  I think I'm just tired.  Oh well.

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