26 September, 2013

iPhone's new camera filters

This morning while I was giving Tink her walk in the fog, I came across a spider web and it was so beautiful I wanted to take a pictures.  So I used the iPhone and tried a couple of the filters that are now built in with the new iOS.  Wow is all I can say.  Can you see the dew drops? I am really impressed with this.  I am a terrible photographer but the filters are simple to use.  I'm going to play with this some more.  We're going away this weekend and there will be opportunities at the beach for more experimenting.

I had to go to my storage room and get my black raincoat this morning.  It was 45 degrees when I left.  And foggy but it's going to be a gorgeous day when the fog lifts.  I am looking forward to my walk at lunch.

Noon knitting was mostly show and tell about my YarnBox.  MaryEllin had forgotten it was Wednesday so she mostly looked at books.  I worked a bit on the mitts but what I should really be doing is Kitchner-ing the Cowl together.  I guess it'll have to wait until next week because I doubt I'll be doing any knitting this weekend.  Nothing fussy anyway.

I tried to pick out something to make with my new yarn.  I think I have an idea but I want to do a little more looking.  It is SO soft!  And I love the color so much.  I wish it wasn't quite so variegated but it will work well for a scarf or wrap.

So -- just today to get through and half of tomorrow, then I'm off.  It'll just be a relief to be out of that apartment for a weekend.

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