30 September, 2013

Mother Nature going nuts

Friday I did manage to get out at noon, but I had to take my computer with me because there was work I had to get done and it wasn't ready when I had to leave.  So I had that hanging over my head.  The good news is that by the time I was checked into the hotel it was ready for me to do, so I poured myself a drink and settled in.  It didn't take long, thank goodness, and then the weekend could begin.  

But there was a storm predicted and what a storm!  Well, I guess it was two storms that blew through this weekend.  The first one came in Saturday morning with high winds and plenty of rain.  I didn't even get close to the water, except to look at it from the hotel windows and run through it in and out of the car.  It was truly too wretched to take a walk without foul weather gear from top to toe so we went to the mall for a while - I did need some mascara - and then to the one and only gallery in town, which looked much more interesting from the outside.  It was a glass gallery and studio and had mostly WAY over priced things that you see at any other "gallery" - stained glass hearts and starfish.  There were a couple of bowls that I did like but, as I said, they were unrealistically priced.

And so what did that leave?  Football!  After stocking up on fresh bread and things for sandwiches and snacks we settled in to watch the Huskies play Arizona at 4 o'clock in Seattle in a terrible rainstorm.  They Huskies won.  It was especially sweet since the Arizona team beat us so terribly last year.

Since there really was nothing going on in town and another storm on the way, we headed out nice and early, just in case the ferries would be shut down from the storm.  Sunday football.  The Steelers lost in London - ha!  Unfortunate for those Londoners who bought tickets to that game.  Both teams had a losing record, so I don't suppose it was much of a game.

The Seahawks game on the other hand ... that was exciting!  They were on the road in Houston and it looked like they were losing, then down 20 to 3, they scored 23 unanswered points.  Took it into overtime ... but won!  Wow.  And it looks like I won my matchup this week too!  I am up 15 points and we each have a guy in the game tonight.  Fingers crossed - I need to win this one!

I forgot to bring knitting so I couldn't wait to grab it yesterday, but then the game got so exciting.  I want to figure out which wrap I'm going to knit this week but I don't know -- things are going to be super busy - again.

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