13 September, 2013

Stuck zipper, Part deux

It was just crazy.  I could not get that zipper unstuck.  I tried graphite, I tried candle wax and still I couldn't move it at all.  Nor could anyone else.  I tried calling the Michael Kors store downtown but they were less than helpful.  And besides, the bag was purchased at Macy's so they told me I had to go to Macy's.  Thank goodness I checked with the gift-er and I found that it was purchased at the Northgate Macy's, which is right across the street from where I live.  I got the imaging faculty set up for their afternoon class and I was off and at the Macy's counter with my stuck purse at 3 o'clock. 

The counter girl gave it a good try and she couldn't budge it.  Then she called in the manager who gave it another good try with the same results.  Design bags always have a warranty and I was concerned that if I cut the zipper I would be voiding the warranty, but that was the only way I was going to get into that bag to retrieve my belongings.  The manager concurred - there was no other way.  We looked for a replacement but that style is sold out, since it was purchased in December, so she agreed to give me a full refund.  Perfect.  I then went off to the shoe repair shop and the nice lady, who is quite a character, cut the zipper for me.  And oh my, when I saw the inside .... I have never, ever seen a zipper stuck like that in my life.  The lining was zipped through both sides of the pull! 

I went back to Macy's - by now it was nearing 4 o'clock - and had to stand and wait for another ten minutes or so until we could finish the transaction.  By that time I was exhausted and in no mood to shop for a new purse, plus Tink needed her walk, so I went home and walked and dog and did chores until the Thursday night game.  Tom Brady is my QB and he played the Jets last night.  I found a replacement purse browsing on my iPad while I watched the Patriots struggle against the Jets.  It was not pretty, especially when it started to pour rain.  Brady could not connect with his receivers and he really did not get me many points at all.  I am sure I'm not going to be able to win my match up with those measly 9.97 points when he was projected to get over 17.  Well who knows.  Maybe somebody will step up for me.

It's lovely and misty this morning but it's not going to last.  I haven't been able to blow my hair straight all week because of the heat and the mist.  I hope I can get it done this weekend.  Maybe it won't be blazing hot on Sunday.

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