03 April, 2014

A morning gone

I kicked myself for not bringing my knitting to the Curriculum meeting yesterday.  The Associate Dean always brings hers, so it's not like it's an oddball move and she really is on to something.  It does make that 90 minutes move by a little faster.  These meetings, normally a huge bore, have been getting more and more interesting as we move into the latest phase of the curriculum renewal.  This renewal is going to affect our department to a huge extent, since we teach a very large part of the basic sciences classes.  Two years are being condensed into 18 months and some of our classes, most notably the anatomy class which we teach in an immersion style in five weeks, are now going to be strung out over the entire 18 months.  This is going to change how I can take vacations, maybe "normalizing" them a bit, which is not always a good thing.  However, it has been a very long time since I've been able to take a real vacation in the summertime, although I quite like traveling when there are fewer tourists about.  I suppose it will all shake out.  I'm not going to get twisted about it .... yet. 

After the meeting I had my physical therapy session which was terrible!  For the first four times I had Genna, who was quite awesome and did a great job.  Then she went on a 3 month leave so last week I had Ashley, who had taken the time to read Genna's notes and did a fine job.  This week I got Jan.  I did not like Jan.  She was preachy and looked like the quintessential spinster.  She's too "whole wheat" for my liking.   It is surprising to me that each therapist can basically do things her way.   I was underwhelmed.   I guess I'm on my own.  I will go back to her only once more and then for my last session I think I have Ashley.  I almost don't need them ... almost.  I want to do this right so I will try to pry my mind open a bit.  It's been a while.  And I will walk and walk and walk.  Today I'm going up to the pet store and back.  Tink needs food and I need to walk at least 3 miles. 

Again last night I did a few chores, ate, walked Tink and I was in bed early.  I didn't even try to fool myself that I was going to read.  I watched a bit of nonsense on my iPad and again was asleep by 9!  What is wrong with me?  And I slept like a rock and woke right before the alarm went off.  I did notice that the blossoms are falling from the trees and that is good news.  It is supposed to rain as well today so hopefully the pollen is almost gone.

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