21 April, 2014

Dream vs reality

I was corresponding with a friend on Friday who informed me that he might actually be retired by November 2015, and remarked that then he would be totally flexible regarding travel, etc.  I remarked that it sounded awesome and he said, "Let's see if reality is as good as the dream".  That made me think about a remark a comedian made about heaven.  Basically despite all words to the contrary, that heaven sounded boring.   The way I see it, retirement is what you make of it.  Nothing sounds nicer to me than to NOT go to work and still get paid.  Completely awesome.  I could fill my days and nights and still be wanting more time to do this or that.  But heaven?  Of course I'm not a biblical scholar, but I never hear about all the fun things to do in heaven.  You never see pictures of people having a good round of golf in heaven, or painting a nice picture or baking a cake.  They're always walking around in robes looking pious.  Well --- just something to think about.  I guess all these ridiculous posting on Facebook are getting to me.

I did have a super awesome run on Friday!  I ran more than half the time and again the only thing holding me back was my wind.  This week I will concentrate on pushing myself a little bit.  Plus I think I may be running a little too fast, which is causing me to become out of breath quicker than normal.  Unfortunately it won't be today.  I completely forgot about washing my running clothes until about 10:30 last night, which is obviously way too late.  Tink needs food anyway, so I'll take that long walk up AND back to Petco.  That'll be nice as well.

Saturday started out so nice, so I got out and planted raspberries.  But then the rains came and it just POURED all the rest of the day.  So I knit and snoozed and had a lazy, lazy day.  Oh -- I washed Tink, but otherwise not too much else.  Sunday of course was Easter and, thankfully, there were no family obligations, just a little lunch with friends.  She served some gorgeous asparagus soup. 

I nearly finished up the Rainbowtastic mitts last night while watching a silly movie.  I can easily finish them up tonight and I believe I will.  It's supposed to be nasty all week, but not too cold.  I could use them.

I stopped by the office to talk about my new upstairs neighbor.   I am now on record and I think the next thing to do is leave a note letting him know that I can hear what goes on in his bedroom.  Thank goodness he slept alone last night.  But I could hear him get into bed, roll around trying to get comfy, then get up to pee, then back to bed.  That's a bit too much information for me.

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