17 April, 2014

I dropped my iPad .....

on my foot!  On my bare, just recently rehabilitated foot!!  Right on the top of my foot, corner down.  Oh the pain. The cursing.  The tears. [okay ... no tears really]  This morning it is bruised, but not swollen so I'll give the noon run a good go.  I'm not expecting to be able to run much more than 50% anyway and I shouldn't so I guess it's okay.  But it was a scare, I'll tell you!

Yesterday I was happy and busy and I got a lot of ducks into a nice tidy row.  I even double checked with my boss that it's okay for me to be gone for two week in July and he said fine.  One week in Europe and one week home.  I am SO excited!  Right now I'm only telling one of my friends.   I want to get a few more details in place before I tell all my Paris friends so I can make sure to have a little time to myself.  You know how it is when you visit someplace you only get to once every couple of years - it's dinner here and lunch there and drinks someplace else and before you know it you've booked up every free bit of time.  I like to have time to myself to wander the streets, poke into my favorite shops or see how the neighborhoods have changed.  Indulge myself.  And I hear the Paris Zoo has been renovated and has re-opened although I expect it will be a complete madhouse, especially in July.  Also the Picasso Museum has re-opened, ditto there with the madhouse.  I used to love to go to that place when I lived in Paris in the winter.  No crowds.  I will be sure to get there very early one day.  That is one place I really do want to see.  There is plenty of day dreaming fodder.

Again yesterday evening I was moving slowly.  Tink got a couple of walks in the rain, I got some laundry done.  No knitting because after that Sunday marathon and noon knitting yesterday my arm was tingling a bit.  It's the purling back that always gets me.   I just left it and watched a couple episodes on my iPad - The Kroll Show - and got to sleep around 10.  And then .... and then I was awakened by my upstairs neighbor.  I can't figure it out.  Whoever lives up there is sleeping on something that squeaks like old bed springs.  What could it be?  Whatever it is, when they are tossing and turning it wakes me up.  Maybe a sofa bed?  I am not happy about it. 

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