28 April, 2014

Get ready for the heat!

This week it is supposed to get better and better and better, with the temperature topping out at 80 on Thursday!  Wow!  What a way to start May.  We'll see, but wouldn't that be great?

It wasn't fabulous this weekend, although Saturday morning was nice and sunny and Tink and I had a nice, long walk over to my old Starbucks.  I really wanted to have some time to knit on Saturday but it was not to be.  I spent a good amount of time on chores around my 660 square feet, then off to the nail salon for some beautification and relaxation.  They have the BEST massage chairs now.  Normally those chairs hurt me but these new ones ..... ahhhhh.  I was nice and relaxed, that's for sure.

Saturday night was dinner and cards with friends.  And I wore real shoes!!  I wore my Coach clogs, a great favorite of mine.  Not for long, I must confess.  Bob & Josie have new wood floors and I didn't feel like clomping all over their new floors, plus I needed to take them off.  My foot was just a teensie bit uncomfortable.  Not bad though and I could have kept them on but, again, I don't want to overdo it.  Slow and steady.

Sunday - yes, I knit but not until we took Tink for a long long walk at Marymoor Park's off leash area, which I haven't been to in years and years.  The clouds were hovering, but as luck would have it we had our whole walk before the rain started.  Then I got to knit.  I am on the last added repeat to chart C, then I have charts D and E plus one added repeat to each of those making 6 repeats of 8 rows and 6 rows left on Chart C.  The end is nigh.  It's not that I"m getting tired of it, I just want it done because I think it's going to be super duper cool.

I will be running today.  I only got to go once last week.  I am going to shoot for three times this week and if I can do four, that would be even better.  I surely will have to bring my skirt in later this week though, because it's going to be very warm for long pants.

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