10 April, 2014

Drum roll please

I am SO glad I went to physical therapy yesterday because I got to run!  And it didn't hurt!  Well, not much anyway.  So I now have the green light to start slowly slowly back running.  I can hardly wait for lunchtime!  The trick is going to be not to hurt myself again, so it's good that I'll be leaving tomorrow at noon and won't be able to run and most likely will not be bringing running gear on my long weekend.  There will be plenty of walking and I'll be able to assess how I feel.  I am so excited!  The weather is perfect for it as well.  Can you see me smiling?

I had forgotten my row counter so I couldn't do any more than one wrong side row on the Hitofude at lunchtime but made up for it by knitting well into the night.  Then I read more notes from Ravelry by people who have made the pattern and looked at their finished products.  I have decided that I am going to add one extra repeat for each section.  I have plenty of yarn and I like the look much better than the little short cardigan.  Even with aggressive blocking I don't think I'd be happy with the finished product as written.  I like the way it looks on the model, but when you read closely it is a size XS, so she must be exceptionally tiny.   And she obviously doesn't have any chest to speak of.  The real people pictures show the garment in a different light and taking into account the different gauges and after measuring mine I will really like it much more if it's a few inches longer.  So, done and done.  And it's moving right along.  I've got the pattern memorized now, which is helpful.

I've got a full evening.  Hair appointment right after work, then I've got to get all of my things together for the long weekend so they can be put into the car tonight.  I slept great last night so hopefully I'll get another great night tonight and then .... hitting the road at noon!

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