07 April, 2014

The neverending headache

Oh heavens ... I have SUCH a headache!  I woke up with it yesterday and despite my best efforts, it is still plaguing me.  I nearly got up for an ice pack last night, but then managed to fall asleep, mercifully.  Today at lunchtime I'm going to walk up the Ave and search for one of those masks you can microwave and put on your face.  It is definitely a sinus headache, and no wonder with all of the pollen around.  I did notice that the blossoms are starting to fall from the trees, and my asthma is not bad at all.  I don't know that I'm happy to switch from asthma to sinus headache.  Not a fair trade.

Compared to last weekend, this weekend was quiet and fully of girlie goodness.  Saturday I had a nice long time to sit and work on my Hitofude and I managed to finish up the sleeve/bodice portion.  Thankfully it was raining so I didn't have to work in Ben's garden.  [I love flowers, but oh how I HATE to work in the garden.  Is that ironic?  Or just bad luck?]  And then on Sunday I got a manicure and pedicure and all sorts of girlie grooming.  Ahhhhhh ... nice.  I was in fact relaxed in the nail salon and my headache faded.

My goal for the weekend was getting the sleeves bound off and getting the ribbing started on the Hitofude.  This is not a trivial matter and I sat myself down at the table in good light to get to work.  It took about an hour, maybe a bit more, but I got the provisional cast on transferred to a third needle and get the job done.  It was confusing reading the pattern, but I've found that if you just follow the directions to the letter it all makes sense once you're actually at that point in your project and you're executing it. Again I will say that this is the most ingenious construction.   It is much like the Whisper Cardigan but the skirt part of it will be longer, plus I'm going to extend it even further as some other people have so modified the project.  I don't like a cardigan that hits above the belly button.

The weather is lovely and I am looking forward to my mini-break this weekend.  I'll be working half day Friday, then we're taking off for Union, Washington.  What's there?  Not much, actually.  But my friend John lives not too far from the resort, and there are lots of beautiful walks to take.  Tink will love the beach.  And it's NOT home!

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