01 April, 2014

The new pub

Finally, after how many months?  The new pub opened for tenants of the building yesterday.  I am somewhat disappointed in that it is really not a sports bar, which is what I was hoping for.  Oh they have TVs, but you have to sit at the bar or on the tall tables directly behind to have any chance of seeing the two sets.  Also, they have made a family friendly space, which I can't fault them for since there is a movie complex here and that is most likely a large amount of their custom.  However, last night the place was mobbed and there were toddlers SCREAMING for way too long.  There are so many articles written by parents about how childless people don't know how difficult it is to handle children in public, and they'll have tantrums and you just have to ride it out or whatever.  Well, no you don't.  I DO remember being around my nephews when they were little and when they started acting out we picked them up and took them outside and if that didn't work, we left.  Period.  They soon learned that if they wanted to eat in a restaurant they had to act civilized.  Now it seems that a certain type of parent expects the world to suffer along with them.  That's just not fair.  And that's the end of my rant for today.

Back to the beer -- they have a fairly nice selection and two very nice Belgian ales that I particularly enjoyed.  The space gets a lot of light, which is also nice.  But the seats are not comfy and there's no fireplace.  I don't expect it will be a very good place in the winter, but the spring and summer will be nice because they will have tables on the patio.

I had a super great walk yesterday at lunchtime and my foot didn't hurt one little bit!  I felt so good that I was thinking maybe I could persuade the physical therapist to let me start running this week.  But what did I just do to it this morning?  I bashed it on the leg of a stool I have in my office!  It made a little cracking sound.  And now it is sore.  But I'll let it rest up for the rest of this morning, maybe foregoing my exercises, and have a nice long walk at lunchtime and see how it goes.

The trees are still going strong and I was up last night for about an hour dealing with an asthma attack.  As much as I love these beautiful trees and shrubs, I sure wish they'd get over their display and get on with the leaves so my allergies would go away!  It's miserable.  But I don't feel too bad today, even after being up for two hours in the middle of the night.  I should sleep great tonight though!

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