30 April, 2014

What a terrible decision

Ever since I've known I have asthma, exercised induced asthma, I have used my inhaler right before my run to great effect.  Allergy season is upon us, however, and I have been getting wheezy at odd times.  Yesterday morning was one of them, so I took a couple of puffs before I left for work and thought that I'd be good for the rest of the day, including my run.  I was, in fact, not wheezing at noon when I got dressed and headed out.  And then I started running and it was not great.  I finally had to stop at just over a mile and turn back.  By this time I was having a full attack.  This is not fun.  It is actually frightening, especially when I know my rescue inhaler is one mile away.  But I just calmed myself down, tried to breath normally and headed back.  So what did I learn?  Always always take a couple of puffs before running.  Always.

Well, no running today anyway since it's noon knitting day.  And lovely outside and getting warmer by the minute.  I was reading the weather - it is some sort of trough that we don't typically get in late April or early May and it won't last but a couple of days.  It'll be a nice taste though, won't it?  It will most likely be too hot to knit in my apartment for a few days and I am so ready to finish up the Hitofude.  I got into the 3rd set of increasing repeats last night and will get a few more rows under my belt at noon.  I guess it'll be sometime next week before it's finished.

I woke at 3 am despite staying up a little later than usual reading.  As I was tossing and turning I was thinking about my next project and realized why the designer did not have instructions for doing it in the round.  It's the lace panel.  It looks to be knitting lace, which means tricky stitches on both sides of the fabric and thus can't be knit in the round.  But I think I've come up with a better way to do it than four pieces.  I'm going to do the right front and back, then cast on the stitches for the left front and back and do it flat, then seam it up the back.  It will be a bit ungainly but this way I won't have to worry about keeping the counts correct for the arm holes or measuring all the time.  It should work.

Despite being awake for a couple of hours I feel fine this morning, except for the sneezing.  I might even have to turn on my fan in my office, it's getting that warm.  And I'm sitting in a sleeveless dress!  Say hello to spring!

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