29 April, 2014

Something's afoot

Weird.  I come into my office suite and it's quiet.   Very quiet.  Usually I am treated to hours and hours of my next door neighbor complaining loudly and non-stop to whomever she has on the phone.  Today - nothing.  And to add to the oddness, Monika is very early.  Strange vibe today.  I may have to spend the entire day with my door closed.  The only problem with that is that the walls are not very thick and even if I do close my door I can hear through the wall.  It's muffled though and it helps.

It was a lovely day yesterday and I had a wonderful run.  My wind is coming back, albeit slowly.  And I forgot to take my inhaler until right before I went out so I was a bit wheezy.  Nevertheless I cut more than a minute off the 3 miles AND I ran 6/10ths before I had to stop.  My first goal is to be able to run an entire mile nonstop.  And when I say stop I only mean that I walk for 30 second to a minute until I can breathe fully again.  I am quite happy with my progress.  It won't be long now that I can run the entire 3 miles nonstop.  The foot is fine.  Not perfect.  I still am not comfortable wearing heels all day, but that will come.  At this point running is more important.

I had my favorite type of Monday night - quiet, no chores.  Ah!  I forgot to turn the dishwasher on before I left!  Damn!!  Anyway I got nearly done with chart C.  Tonight I'll finish that up and get a good start on D.  I got another YarnBox yesterday.  Lovely greeny-blue yarn.  I don't want to start another small project though.  I want to finish up this Hitofude and then get on with Iwi.  I still don't have the yarn picked out yet, but after messaging with the designer I see that I can use any DK weight, but I'll have to swatch.  Not my favorite thing to do, but I'd like to be able to wear the sweater you see.  I haven't gone through my stash yet, but I am pretty sure I don't have enough of anything DK weight to make it. 

It is supposed to start getting warm today.  In the middle 70s today, then into the 80s.  Of course the weekend it is supposed to rain, which is not good.  There is a mountain of bark that needs to be spread at Ben's.  Doing that in the rain is a nightmare. 

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