11 April, 2014


I was a little nervous yesterday when I got out on the trail, but I needn't have been.  I kept myself to running just a little bit, then walking, then running a little bit more.  My foot did not hurt!  Well, I felt a tiny bit of ache now and again, but no zingers.  Of course, my wind is not where it should be after such a long lay off, plus the asthma, but that being said I was thrilled the entire 40 minutes.  I was, understandably, a bit tired and achy last night but I feel just fine this morning.  No aches, no pains and I'm even wearing boots with heels!  Not super high ones, mind you, but they're not flat boots.  Hallelujah!  I finally managed a rehab correctly.  Of course, I've gained weight, but that's easily [relatively] taken care of and I've already two weeks into my regimen so it won't be long until I'm back into my nice jeans and pretty dresses.  Ready for summer.

And speaking of summer -- thanks to my most awesome early birthday gift, I'm planning a wonderful week with my friend Emma.  We're still trying to nail down the specifics.  Of course Paris on both ends and maybe Belgium.  Oh I am just SO excited!  I haven't told my friends in Paris yet because I don't have the dates set.  They are going to be so surprised!!  I never travel in the summer.  It'll be quite a switch up.

I have a few things to get to this morning, then at noon it's off for Hood Canal.  I spoke with John last night and he's excited to see us.  I can't wait to see his place in the springtime.  He's been posting pictures of the tulips.  Plus he's been doing some wood working that I'm anxious to see.  And then there's the lovely lawn over looking the canal.  Ahhhhh ...... Good weather to boot.  Not super warm, but not cloudy or rainy either.

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