25 April, 2014

Fickle spring weather

As of yesterday Seattle has now officially had the wettest first three months of the year since 1971.  I was therefore quite happy when the morning progressed and it was blue sky and sunny, although a bit windy.  I was anxious to run.  But then around 11:20 or so the wind really picked up and the trees were whipping around, and still I was thinking I'd take a chance.  A few minutes later the dark clouds were starting to creep in but I was ready to get out there and the devil take the hindmost.  I went to my office (I was observing the weather from the other side of the building) and started to get myself ready to change and looked out my window only to see rain drops pelting down to beat the band.  Huge fat raindrops.  So I instead went down to the lobby of the Health Sciences Building and knit for 30 minutes, just to get out of the environment.  By the time I was ready to leave for home it was nice again and Tink and I had a lovely long walk in the spring sunshine.  The lilacs are just about to bloom.

I have a Friday night free and I'm going to watch silly TV and knit.  I want to finish up this Hitofude and if I put my mind to it I can get it done this next week maybe.  I am quite keen to start knitting this, the Iwi Pullover.  It is an oversized, asymmetrical sweater with a lace panel.  I just love it and think it would be a great spring piece.  However, the yarn it calls for, Folio, is made from alpaca and I am crazy allergic to it.  I have tried twice to knit garments with alpaca and I put it on and have to take it right off again.  Finding a yarn to substitute is going to be a bit difficult.  I have already reached out to the designer via Ravelry and gotten no answer.  Then I tried Berocco and ditto there, no answer.  The reality that I am going to have to swatch for this is starting to set in.  I need a yarn that is going to have drape, but not cotton.  Ideally a cashmere/silk blend or .... cotton/merino?  Normally I'd just look at the stats for the yarn suggested and go about finding something comparable.  But the Folio is different.  A 50 gm ball has 250 yards!  That is like fingering but it is sold as DK.  See?  Not so easy.  The point is moot until I finish up Hitofude anyway.

I have a meeting today at 11:30 so no running.  I'm okay with it.  Slow and steady is my goal.  There's always next week and it's supposed to be nice and sunny.  Maybe running skirt weather!  This weekend I can hopefully get out with Tink - maybe on Sunday - and go for a nice long long walk.  Marymoor?  That would be nice.

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