23 April, 2014

Getting better and better

The rain stayed away yesterday.  In fact, it was sunny and cloudless when I went out to run at noon.  A bit chilly, but gorgeous.  As before I ran until I was too out of breath, walked for a minute and ran some more.  I would guess I was up to 75% running yesterday.  My pace is not that far off from where I was before I got injured, so I believe that I am still running a bit too fast, but I'm okay with that.  It would be nice if I could end up with a better pace after all of this.  Plus I'm running distance rather than time - in other words, I used to just go out and do 30 minutes.  Now I'm doing 3 miles and yesterday I was nearly 5 minutes faster than my run last week.  So - progress!  I expect that by next week I'll be doing the entire 3 miles nonstop.  And the foot -- a little bit sore last night before bed.  But not sore enough to have to ice or take anything for it, which is also great news.

I have noticed that the pollen is not so bad as it was a few weeks ago, which is another boost to my running.  Except for the asthma bit, my allergies have been quite calm so far.  Wouldn't it be fantastic if I could go the whole of the spring and summer without that nonsense?

Noon knitting today and I brought my Hitofude, which has languished since Sunday.  I wanted to pick it up last night but then I was rather more keen to read and that's what I ended up doing.  I'm also listening to a Philip Roth novel - American Pastoral.  Wow -- that is quite a departure from the historical novels I've been listening to.  And so well narrated by Ron Silver.  I am not looking forward to it ending, it's that good.  Disturbing, but good.  I've always liked Philip Roth.  I wonder how I missed this one?

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