24 April, 2014

My faith in humanity

It's just a little thing, but so very nice.  When we were up on Hood Canal the weekend before last we drove to Shelton and found a very cute little art gallery where I purchased a small piece of art.  A few days later I got a check in the mail for $16.28 and a card explaining that I had paid the "old" price and they didn't catch the mistake until the end of the day.  She refunded me the difference.  Now this wasn't an expensive piece by any means and frankly I don't know if I would have gone to the trouble of refunding $15 plus tax.  But I'm a notoriously amoral person so .... anyway ... don't you think that's awfully nice?  So if I ever get up that way again, or when I get up that way again, I will definitely stop by. 

I didn't run yesterday because of noon knitting, and I won't be running tomorrow because of a meeting.  Today is my day and I am hoping it stays nice like it is right now.  We are supposed to be having a rainy day but where I am right this second it's brilliant blue sky, just like it was when I ran on Tuesday.  I hope it can stay that way for a few hours because no, I can't go out now.

It was a reading kind of night last night.  I finished up a book and was just about to start a book on my iPad Kindle that I had purchased some months ago when a title caught my eye and I thought "hmmm Isn't it about time for that author to have another title out"?  I went on Amazon and yes indeed, he did have a new one so I bought that and started it and read until I couldn't keep my eyes open.

I also finished up my audiobook, "American Pastoral" and today I can get a new one.  I was pretty keen on the Australian historical trilogy - until I listened to the second book.  Thumbs down.  The first was okay but the second was pretty bad.  Too violent.  Ridiculous sex scenes.  Anachronistic dialogue.  I have a very low tolerance for that stuff.  And honestly, it just makes me cringe to hear men especially narrating a sex scene.  It's ... icky.  I'll spend some time and find a good, long one.

This is a long long week.  Only Thursday.  I am looking forward to my weekend.  I have a free Friday night for the first time in ages.  I think it'll be stupid movie night.  But I've got two days to get through.  Fingers crossed for sunshine!!

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