13 August, 2014

Leaves on the ground!

I suppose from all of the storming these past couple of days, but I have been noticing a few leaves on the ground.  It is a bit early, don't you think?  I believe I read that it is more about the lack of water than the temperature as to when the leaves start to turn and fall.  The big trees haven't started yet, but the two or three outside my window here at work, in the courtyard, are starting.  I think they're beech trees.

It rained in the morning yesterday and it had stopped by noon.  I went out for a little walk (I still can't run because of my chest congestion.  Hopefully next week I'll be entirely done with the virus) with the intention of sitting in the lovely air conditioned lobby of the School of Medicine for a little knitting.  However, something was going on down there so it was back to my stifling office.   But it's Wednesday today so I'll get a whole hour at noon.

The days are busy at work and Tuesday zipped by.  Do-Nothing-Monday gave way to lazy Tuesday.  I hadn't had a very restful sleep Monday so I was tired.  At least it was a bit cooler in the evening and Tink got a couple of nice walks.  I did get a little knitting done and I'll be very close to finishing up today.  Maybe tonight I can finally be done with it.

My Fantasy Football draft had been set for Monday the 1st of September, which is a holiday and the day after I have to be out of my apartment and have it clean.  However, one of the guys objected and now it is moved to August 31 at 7 pm.  I am going to be exhausted!!  I picture myself sweating in that little box with a carpet cleaner right up to the last minute.  Well, there's time yet.  I should take steps, shouldn't I?  I want to enjoy the draft and, more importantly, I want to do much better than last year.  The draft order is randomly chosen.  Let's hope I'm lucky!  Plus I've got to do a little better study before I dive in. 

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