06 August, 2014

An unexpected plus to moving

Moving house is always a huge hassle.  And all of the address changing that has to go on  ...... so tedious.  Yesterday however, I found a silver lining.  On Monday I had renewed my driver's license online (who knew? Very convenient) and while I was doing that also changed my address on my voter's registration.  I had gotten a jury summons in the mail and I needed to respond to that, which I did yesterday.  It had me coming to court the 9th of September for a week and that I cannot do, because of work.  So, I got onto the court website and, since the address change hadn't come through yet, tried to change my address on the site, but it wouldn't accept the Woodinville zip code, saying it was invalid.  I called the court and left a message explaining my problem.  Later in the afternoon I got a return call and yay and hoorah, I am excused from this jury because the Municipal Court only calls Seattle residents!  What a lovely bonus.

I have been very self indulgent these past few days, just going home, walking Tinkie and then just laying around.  It's too hot to knit even with the air conditioner.  I did go through the Victorian Knits Today book for some more ideas for that lace weight yarn.  I should have brought it with me today, but I want to knit at noon knitting, not read.  There's no hurry to pick a pattern.  I still have the Iwi I haven't worked on for a couple of months.  Not to mention a couple of other projects I've probably forgotten about.

I'm so hungry this morning.  I couldn't get it together to cook last night.  I should have made a salad with the chicken I have but the heat just saps me.  So I made a little plate of nachos.  Tonight for sure I'll make a nice salad as soon as I get home before the heat gets to me, put it in the fridge and when I'm ready there it will be.

I am finally catching up here at work.  Things were a bit nerve wracking but I feel like I've got it under control now.  Hopefully this heat will break and my cough will go away and I can start running next week.  Fingers crossed.

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