29 August, 2014

Well that was no good!

The Seahawks were beaten by the Raiders last night!  I know it's only preseason, but the Raiders??  Good heavens.  I didn't even watch the entire thing.  It was painful.  Very few of our number ones were playing, but still!  Terrible.

You know what else was painful?  My foot!  My toe, to be more specific.  Shooting pains and throbbing.  I do recall that I felt the toe crack a couple of times during the day, but not a painful thing.  More like when your knuckles crack accidentally.  And then I noticed that it was a bit swollen as well.  Oh man, I am absolutely NOT happy about this.  I iced it and that made it feel a bit better.  I haven't been running for 5 weeks, I think.  Maybe more .... I went on my trip, then a week of vacation, a week sick, and that brings us to six weeks.  I have been doing quite a bit of walking, and not in my running shoes, so that might be the problem.  Well ... I'll keep a watch on it.

I've got to be busy and active this weekend, especially Saturday since I'm moving furniture that day.  Sunday cleaning the apartment, and Monday putting things away and trying to get ready for this fantasy draft.  Actually, I'm leaving early today so hopefully I can start this evening with at least one mock draft.

My presentation went well yesterday and I've got nearly all my ducks in a row for next week.  But nevertheless I woke up during the night and my head was whirring around, thinking about all of the things I have yet to do.  Things I had forgotten about.  But I'm on it  now and still I think I can get out of here around noon today and finally get that manicure and pedicure I've been wanting for quite a long time.  And maybe even find someone to do my hair as well, since I had to cancel my appointment with Dana this Saturday.  Well much to do, anyway.  Hopefully I can carve out some time to do a little knitting and relaxing!

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