18 August, 2014

A mysterious bump in the night

I was sure glad to be done with the week and get home Friday to some football and knitting!  The clouds were still hanging around, but it was still a lovely evening and the Seahawks really kicked some behind.  That's always nice to see.  Our fantasy draft has now been set for 8 pm September 1, so when I watch preseason football I should really pay more attention to things other than the score.  I did find a football website that shows the depth chart for each team and that's going to be a big help to me.

The weather was much better during the weekend but, with the exception of the wedding on Saturday, the majority of the weekend was given over to the process of moving.  Shuffling things around, repopulating the shelves in the garage, a trip to the Goodwill to drop off donations, a trip to the garage to drop off the truck (!).  Bad timing, that.  It means I wasn't able to use it on Sunday.

The wedding was fun and the weather was absolutely perfect.  It wasn't quite so fancy as I had thought it was going to be, but it was lovely all the same.  The ceremony was outside in the gardens at Tibbets Creek Manor in Issaquah.  My one disappointment was that there was no wedding cake, but a little cake at the top for cutting and then a cupcake tower.  But I had such a huge day on Sunday, plus in order to have a vehicle to get to the apartment and back, I had to take Ben to the golf tournament at the crack of dawn Sunday morning, that we skipped out after dinner and the toasting while the dance floor was being cleared.  The upside to having to drive him to the tournament was that I was in the apartment working by eight AM. 

Because I had the fancy convertible, there wasn't a terribly lot of room to haul things back, but I was able to pack some things with the few boxes I did have and, the biggest thing, got ALL of the clothes into the back seat.  I couldn't see out of it.  And I couldn't put the top down because they would have been blown all over.  But I got them all transported, plus all of my knitting tools and my new YarnBox yarn so that I can wind that up and maybe start my new project this week.  I got all of the bedding and towels washed, a few cupboards cleared out.  The time just flew by!  I ran out of boxes at about noon and I had planned on stopping by the mall to pick up some face cream and make up that I'm nearly out of, but I was a sweaty sight, so I had a quick little power nap before I had to head up north to pick up the golfer.

So here's the kicker.  I got my clothes in, hung up in the dressing room arranged by color.  I walked Tink.  I had a shower and got my hair dried - and in the heat that was a serious bit of work.  THEN I got to have a few hours of weekend.  In the middle of the night I heard a strange thump but I wrote it off as some sort of critter sound.  Alas, it was not.  I walked into my dressing room this morning and what do you think I found?  Any guesses?  Come on -- I'm sure one of you has guessed by now.  Yes, all of the clothes down.  The brace holding the rod pulled right out of the wall!  *sigh*  My Do-Nothing-Monday night just got cancelled.

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