26 August, 2014

Oh that darned traffic

I can't figure this out, but yesterday was the second time I missed my second bus in the afternoon because of bad traffic outside of the medical center.  Once the bus was on the freeway it was smooth sailing.  Last night the 232 was right in front of my bus but by the time we got to a bus stop my bus had missed a light and I couldn't catch it.  It is a HUGE hassle.  My choices are wait 45 minutes (yes, that's right .. 45 minutes) for another 232 to come by or, the less heinous choice, wait 25 minutes for a bus that gets me within a mile walking distance.  That's the choice I took.  I'd rather walk a mile than sit and sit waiting for a bus, wouldn't you?  Well truly, I'd rather not miss that freaking bus!! In the future, when I see the earlier bus running late I'm going to run out a few minutes early and catch that one.  I just missed it both times and now I know that if it is running late, my 4:10 will be as well.  I should just start driving to the Transit Center.  I really don't want to though.

So then I got home and I was hot and tired and pissed off.  But my deal with myself is that I've got to unload and put away at least one box, if not two, every night this week.  My compromise was that I cleaned up the kitchen and put away the rest of the things I hadn't put away Sunday.  The weather was SO gorgeous and mild and I couldn't stand to be cooped up inside any longer.  I had a nice shower, poured myself a glass of wine and sat on the deck and knit and knit and knit until it was getting a little too dark and I was feeling it start to cool off.  But that wasn't until 7:30, so that's pretty good.  I am loving knitting on my new project.  The lace pattern is easy to memorize, the beads look totally awesome and it's going fast.  This is going to be a really cool scarf/wrap thingie.

Work is totally crazy and I feel almost overwhelmed.  It won't be that long though and it'll be calmed down.  In the meantime .... back at it!

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