22 August, 2014

I thought it was automatic!

How long have I been commuting now?  Since I left my big house and moved to the apartment on 105th.  So that's since March of 2011 - over three years.  And I keep learning new things.  Like make sure you pull the cord (or push the button) to get off at your stop.  I always assumed that my morning stop at the UW was one of the automatic ones where the bus always stops so I quit pushing the button because the Stop was always lit.  Well today he went right past the stop!  I suppose because so many people are on vacation or taking Friday off there was nobody else on that bus getting off but me and I had neglected to push the button.  So I had a lovely walk back to my building. 

I really really really wanted to get cast on for the Melon Pattern Shawl last night.  I found my needle, got some waste yarn, found the video of the cast-on method I was using and started casting on the 91 stitches.  Except Tinkerbell was so needy.  She just wouldn't leave me alone!  I had already played ball with her and let her out and in and out and in.  She wanted my undivided attention and so I had to put my knitting aside or there would have been no peace at all.  I haven't gotten my beads yet anyway so I guess it's okay.  But what am I going to knit on while the game is on tonight?  Iwi I guess.  I should get a pair of socks going.  That would be good for commuting and football too.

I was in the mood for a football movie, so I went old school and watched North Dallas Forty.  Good movie.  Very dated but good.  And tonight it's Seahawks.  Only two more pre-season games to go. 

Big weekend - working on packing and moving.  Not fun but it must be done.

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