15 August, 2014

There's just not enough time!

Every evening this week has seemed the same.  By the time I get my little chores done and dinner cooked and deal with Tink, I'm tired and ready for bed!  Work must be sucking the life right out of me.  And the fact that we haven't really had much sun this week is a big change and must impact my energy level as well, don't you think?  I truly wanted to buckle down and finish up that shawl last night but it didn't happen.  Tonight however I've got a better chance.  The Seahawks are playing their second pre-season game.  Football and knitting go together SO well.  That will be my goal then - finish up!

I'm on a roller coaster at work.  I am either waiting for input and bored or furiously taking care of something or other.  Today I've got to get the class web site going.  That is, of course, of the guy in the School of Medicine has finished giving permission for the dental students to use the site.  I understand he has to do that manually.  I can't send out their pre-class handout, which specifically states they need to get onto the class web site, until the dental students are able to do that.  One year, not knowing that the SOM hadn't given them permission, I nearly had a riot on my hands.  Lesson learned.

I've got a pretty fun weekend coming up.  AND the weather is supposed to be nice too.  My friend's daughter is getting married.  I love weddings!  Especially fancy ones.  Oh ... isn't wedding cake the absolute best?? Mmmmm  Plus, added bonus, I get to see my friend embarrassed since he's the father of the bride and must dance with her for all to see.  He is the worst dancer in the world.  It's going to be epic.

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