08 August, 2014

When you have no vacation days to take for your birthday ......

I simply can't complain this year.  I had a super early birthday vacation and so I've got to work on the real one.  But it won't be so bad.  It's a lovely day and it's not supposed to get so hot today.  I have a great fancy French dinner to look forward to tomorrow evening.  Tonight I'm pretty much stuck until 10 pm with nothing scheduled.  I have been pretty self indulgent all this week, especially since I've had to stay in the hottest of hot apartments.  But last night was the last night of that nonsense.

One could have hoped for a better outcome with the game, although sitting and knitting and watching football was pretty awesome.  However, the TV, which in the apartment is using an HD antenna, was acting strangely and it kept stopping.  I suspect it's because of all of the fans going.  It looked like that type of interference.  And when I turned the air conditioner off it calmed down a bit, but it made watching the game very very annoying.  And then they lost in the end.  It's the first pre-season game the Seahawks have lost since 2011.  But the Broncos were out for blood and we didn't have very many of our best players active.  Then one of our guys lost his cool and threw a punch and there was a penalty and ... there ya go.  I got lots of knitting done and I made and consumed another fabulous chicken salad.  It wasn't a bad evening.

That is until 2:30 am when my eyes popped open.  I don't know what woke me up but I was wide awake and it wasn't until nearly 4 that I was able to get back to sleep.  I feel fine though.

I keep searching Ravelry for the perfect pattern for all of that laceweight yarn I got from YarnBox.  I want a pattern that is written, NOT charts only.  I hate working from charts.  I can do it if I have to but I much prefer written instructions. AND the pattern has to have beads because I have now because smitten with beaded knitting now that I am doing this project with the beading done with a teensy crochet hook.  It's much better than stringing all those beads and having to slide them down.   And it's got to be big.  I have 2,000 yards.  No I know I don't have to use all of it, but just think how spectacular it could be.  If you have any ideas, please let me know.

Now to start my birthday.  

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