19 August, 2014

The lull before the storm

It is awfully quiet here at work.  So many people gone on vacation.  And the others working like crazy to get ready for class in two weeks from today.  Still things are up in the air about what is going to be happening to anatomy in the new curriculum.  I am just not going to worry about it.

I was happy it was sunny yesterday and it's supposed to keep up the rest of this week.  There are lots and lots of tomatoes that need to ripen up!  I remember one year I had a couple of plants at my little house in Ravenna.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and I think I had maybe four ripen out of all of them.  That was disappointing.

Do Nothing Monday stayed pristine, which means the closet is still down.  It makes getting dressed a bit of a challenge. Hopefully tonight we can get it fixed up.  I watched some football, prepared some vegetables and some super awesome stuffed Portobello mushrooms to go with a nice little piece of steak.  Then I settled in to finish up my Venemous Tentacula and I did!  The ends aren't tucked in nor is it blocked but it's done.  I will bring it in to noon knitting tomorrow pre-blocking so they can all see.  I don't think this one is going to look significantly different after blocking though.  Just the bottom part will be more uniform.  I am hoping that the stitches will even out as well.  All that casting on and casting off -- it's tough.  I guess I'll bring in the Iwi and start going on that again and see how it feels.  I am waiting for some beads I ordered before I start the other new project, so I might as well do something constructive.

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