11 August, 2014

A rather uneventful birthday weekend

Fancy French birthday dinner ..... postponed.  My gallant dinner companion would most definitely have gone through with it, but he's sick and coughing (yet another victim of this vicious virus) and I simply didn't want to make him go through that.  It's postponed to September 6.  Something to look forward to during this very busy month. 

It was, then, a rather quiet birthday weekend.  I knit and did laundry and read and had some nice meals.  I got some ripened goat cheese with a vein of ash ..... gorgeous!  The weather was sunny and hot.  The tomatoes are starting to ripen - there were a few little ones and a Roma ready to be made into a salad as well as the one lone red pepper.  Delicious.  Leg of lamb done on the grill outside.  Scrumptious.  A beautiful bouquet of flowers from the outdoor market with while Stargazer lilies.   Just quiet and relaxing.

I am very very close to being done with the Venomous Tentacula and I've decided on a pattern from Victorian Lace Today - the Melon Pattern, which is a rectangle with a knitted on border.  I had to read that book three times before I finally figured out how she was describing knitting on the border.  And the edition of the book that I own has the diagram for the melon pattern itself missing.  I finally got online and found the errata and see that the pattern stitch is quite easy and the repeats small so that working from a chart is not an issue.  I can put a bead into the middle of "melon" and it'll be really nice.  I am going to make it wider that the pattern calls for but I have plenty of yarn.  I could make it twice as large as the pattern and have left over.  I won't make it twice though.  That'd be too large.  I won't be starting it right away either.  I want to make another stab at the Iwi and see if I can get my mojo back for it.  Plus my weekends are not made for yarn winding this month.  They're made for work.  Packing and rearranging and moving.

It is supposed to be over 90 degrees today!  And then the clouds will move in and we'll have thunder storms tomorrow.  I hope not during the day because it makes Tinkerbell SO scared.

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