28 August, 2014

One week until Football

The final Seahawks pre-season game is tonight and next Thursday they open the season.  Have I done anything with my fantasy team yet?  No, no I have not.  I haven't had one practice draft.  I haven't read one single article.  I haven't even looked at the standings!!!  I have got to get on it.  Maybe this afternoon I can get a little time.  And tomorrow I hope to leave early so maybe then I can do a couple practice drafts. 

I got out for the bus extra early last night but the traffic wasn't quite so bad so I was in fact early for my second bus.  That is much better than missing it!  I watched a little stupid TV, made a really tasty dinner - a tomato salad (I had meant to make Caprese but I put the fresh basil into the fridge instead of leaving it out and it was gone) and TJ's wonderful lobster ravioli.  And then I had a nice long gab with my sister on the phone and then ..... well, then it was time for bed.  I was too tired to unpack anything -- again.  The best laid plans, etc. etc. etc. 

I have to give a presentation to the new students this morning at 11 or so.  I'm all ready - it's basically the same talk I give every year.  This year we're using a brand new website LMS (learning management system) and as usual, being the first class, we're the guinea pigs.  I have worked with it before so it's not entirely new, but new enough.  I am sure it'll be fine.  That's what the practice quiz is for this afternoon - for the students to learn about the interface and for me to learn about the input I get from the quiz. 

My plan -- get everything done before noon tomorrow so I can take the rest of the day off and get a jump on the long weekend. 

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