25 August, 2014

Carrot and stick thing

It was that kind of weekend - talking myself into doing things I really didn't want to do and then rewarding myself with some fun.  Saturday was packing and getting half (or less, really) of the moving done.  Oh my goodness do I hate moving.  And for someone who hates it so much, I sure have done a lot of it in the last few years.  This is the fourth time since March, 2011.  And please all supernatural beings, let this be the last for a long time!  The good thing is that I have pared down my belongings so it's not nearly as bad as when I started out.  I got rid of a bit more this weekend and made two trips.  It was a tough day for me, I won't lie.  The carrot was going out to hear some music.  As luck would have it, the Triplehorn Brewery was having an annual do and I absolutely love their Belgian beer.  The weather was super awesome so it was nice to be outside.  There was live music but I must say I wasn't all that keen on the bands.  The music was not danceable and I had wanted to dance.  Oh well, no matter.  The beer was wonderful and I had the best BBQ sandwich I have ever had, hands down.  The BEST.

On Sunday I would have liked to get back to the apartment to start on cleaning and maybe get my manicure and pedicure, but that was not to be.  A big family party, thankfully early in the day, was planned and I didn't have the time.  A quick trip to Costco and the grocery store for necessary items, then off I went to the mall for a really quick sweep through to get my makeup and some face cream.  Nordstrom is on one side of the mall and that's the only place I can buy Chanel makeup and then WAAAAYY on the other side of the mall is Macy's where I get my Clinique stuff.   The party was nice.  Tink had a couple of doggies to play with, and they all enjoyed a little dip in the creek.  And rolling in the dirt.  Too much food and it was so hot and I was so thirsty that I drank 3 cans of soda!  So I was full, but did manage to eat a bite of most things. Big Italian family so you know there's going to be too much food.  And good thing, the family stuff was done and I was in the shower, washing off the dirt and sweat before 5.  And my carrot Sunday?  No, not putting boxes away.  No, not doing laundry.  I sat down in the quiet and cast on for my new project and then I got to do two repeats and start on the third!  The pattern is super easy and my beads that came Saturday are absolutely perfect.  It took a while to get used to lace weight yarn again.  It's like knitting with thread!

I don't think it will be Do-Nothing-Monday tonight.  I have to unpack a few boxes or I'll go nuts.  I hate clutter.  And laundry.  And maybe some more knitting?

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