05 August, 2014

I love my Do Nothing Monday nights

Yesterday was a long, hot day.  I had lots of work to catch up and I feel good about what I did get done.  I took a short walk at lunchtime - no running until this cough is gone.  Plus it was about a million degrees outside.  I had made a hair appointment for yesterday a month ago and I couldn't change it so I did have to leave a few minutes early.  It couldn't be helped.  Poor Tinkie didn't get rescued from my hot apartment until after 6.  That's a long long day for her and I let her lead the walk.  It was so hot that she wasn't that interested in lingering too long.  Then I got the air conditioner blowing, took a cool shower, mixed up a martini and I was finally relaxing by 7:15.  I swear I could have fallen asleep right there but instead I watched a little TV and heated up a couple of slices of left over pizza for dinner.  Tink got a late walk a little after eight and it was still just beautiful outside.  Blue skies and not quite so hot.

Oh I wanted to knit, but even with the air conditioner blowing there was not any way I was going to put a pile of wool (or in the case of the Venomous Tentacula, alpaca) on my lap or even off to the side.  Just plain too hot.  It was all I could do to stay awake until 9:30.  And then with my fans blowing I fell asleep and slept just great.  I don't remember waking at all coughing so the worst is (finally) behind me.  Just a little cough now and again to remind me. 

I need to set up our noon knitting group for tomorrow.  Everyone has been either on vacation or sick for a month of Wednesdays.  It'll be nice to be back in the air conditioned comfort of MaryEllin's conference room (if it's available).  I got 2,000 yards of lace weight yarn in a lovely light green from my YarnBox subscription for July.  I think I'm going to tackle one of the lace stoles with a border from my Victorian Lace Today book.  I think there's a design-your-own kind of thing there.  I need to look at the book again.  What else can you do with so much lace weight yarn?  I guess I could double it for a cardigan or something.  But I haven't made a big fancy stole since I did the Frost Flowers Shawl years ago.  So, that's my plan for now.

I need to untangle this TA situation today.  Then you know what?  I need to realize it's my birthday week!  Since I got a couple of big presents already it almost feels like September.  But it's not.  So I'm going to work on the birthday frame of mind.  In my spare time. 

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