14 August, 2014

What a nice change

I must say I have been enjoying this cooler weather.  It's not cold by any stretch of the imagination, but it's not 90 degrees either!  It's just a bit easier to take.  We're not used to the hot and humid weather here in Seattle.  As soon as the clouds part it gets very hot again, as it did yesterday afternoon.  I keep having to get up and walk out into the hallway so I can get a bit of cool air. 

Quite innocently I started a controversy on Facebook a couple of days ago.    I simply said that I have known people who put the silverware into the basket handles down and I prefer handles up so that when I put the silverware away I don't have to touch the tines or spoons, and also knife points are down so you don't accidentally cut yourself.  Well I guess not everyone sees it that way.  My friend Steve insists that handles go down, but he lets his dog lick the dirty dishes before the dishwasher is run so ...... yeah, there's that.  It's pretty funny.  And WAY better than reading about Robin Williams. 

I didn't finish my project in noon knitting, nor did I pick it up last night.  I am so close.  Maybe tonight is the night it's finished up.  It was cool enough to knit but I just didn't have it in me.  I made a nice salad with the last of the ripened cherry tomatoes.  There are tons of tomatoes just waiting for more sun to get ripe.  That should happen this weekend, fingers crossed.  The few that I've tasted have been spectacular.  I love home grown tomatoes.  Well, who doesn't?  Oh -- Emma doesn't. 

For years and years and years I've been wearing a heart necklace.  White gold, pave.  I had to replace the chain but seriously, it's like 15 years or more that I wore that every day.  When I got back from Paris I noticed it hanging a little crookedly and on closer inspection I saw that the chain had worn away one side of the bale!  Have you ever heard or seen anything like that?  I hadn't.  Now I've got to find a jewelery repair.  I feel just naked without it!

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