08 June, 2015

It's not even summer yet!

Heavens it is warm!  Hot!  And it's going to stay like this all week long and into the weekend as well.  Lucky for me the house stays relatively cool, not having any windows facing directly east or west.  That is a huge bonus. 

Friday was not a very productive day for me, since I had to spend the morning taking care of a little health issue.  But I went to town on the weekend.  I got a couple more herbs and some color bowls planted, I got the game/office finished and pictures hung there and a few more throughout the house, I got my yarn sorted and frogged a few projects I know I won't be finishing and hoorah, I found both of my long Denise cords.  The blanket is now on the 52" cord and crowding it something awful.  And I've still got around 25 rows to go!  I also trimmed back some bushes and did all the laundry and the bedding AND washed the dog!  And I still had time to read and laze around.  Tinkie was not terribly interested in going for long walks because of the heat.  She perks up a bit at night when it gets a bit cooler but then comes 8 o'clock and she's for bed.  Last night I put her in there and did not join her, instead knitted in the living room.  That didn't last long and she wanted to be out there with me.  But I threw in the towel around 9:30 anyway.

I am trusting the IMA to have the air conditioning cranked today and I also purchased a running skirt to wear rather than my long workout pants.  I know I have that gray one around somewhere but I can't find it so I got a cute Adidas one - black with a hot pink stripe at the waist.  I'm sure my gray one will turn up, especially if I look a little bit harder.

It seems like Ben's been gone for more than a week, but I suppose that's because he was gone for the weekend.  And this week as well as Saturday.  It's going to be a long hot week.

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