03 June, 2015

Impressed again with customer service

What a lovely surprise.  After being completely blown away when Amazon refunded the price of a rental video they deemed to have had playback issues without a complain from me, I was equally impressed by Sony.  Although I had to spend a couple of hours on the phone to be absolutely sure the player was defective, I sent it back and Monday I got a new one in the mail!  How awesome is that?  Pretty awesome, I'd say.

Tuesday was a repeat of Monday.  I came to work, went to the gym and had an uneventful evening.  Actually, I did a lot.  Of course the usual Tinkie walks and  playing, and I did my hair and cooked a fabulous dinner of roasted vegetables.  I mixed it up a little bit this time.  I omitted the summer squash and instead used a fennel bulb and, also out of the ordinary, I had an ear of corn so I took the corn off the cob and added it in for the last 30 minutes.  I used some fresh herbs from my teensie herb garden plus some Tarragon (which I want to get for my garden) that I had purchased for the mussels that I didn't get around to cooking.  It was SO good and, bonus, I've got leftovers for tonight.  Maybe I can actually do some knitting tonight.

Today is Wednesday noon knitting - we're back to Wednesday thank goodness.  It's cloudy and chilly so working on the blanket will be perfect.  I think it will be only two of us today though.  MaryEllin is gone until the end of July and I believe Diana is off on vacation.   

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