25 June, 2015

Ball winding mishap

I will admit that I was a bit careless when I wound the yarn last weekend for my current project, the Shangri-la.  Sometimes when one is cranking the ball winder a little too fast the yarn will slip off the ball and wind itself around the spindle.  I try to catch it when that happens and unwind the yarn from the spindle and get it back onto the ball.  Then there are other times when I don't catch it until the ball is complete and it's nearly impossible to unwind at that point.  In this case, I hope for the best which is that the strands are near the end of the ball.  Not so with my latest effort.  For a while at noon knitting I was unwinding the yarn carefully around the wodge of yarn that had come up through the center of the ball.  But last night it just all went to pieces and the entire ball split into two equally snarled balls.  I cut the yarn and started the second ball but tonight I'm going to have to try to sort out the mess.  I am pretty sure I'll need that yarn to complete the project and I need to tackle the problem before it gets worse.  So much for getting some good knitting done tonight.

It's already hot in the office and it's going to get hotter today and tomorrow.  I have my blinds closed against the sun and a little fan blowing but it doesn't do much of anything.  No air conditioning in our office.  If I need some cool air I have to go out into the hall.  Stupid.

I saw a deer last night, finally.  Tink and I were on are way back from our walk and there standing in front of the driveway was a big doe.  Just beautiful.  It stood there for a while and I was trying to take a picture to send to my sister, but then Tink barked and it took off.  I know they are coming around at night though because you can see where they lay down in the garden.

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