12 June, 2015


Yesterday I got an email from an old friend who has signed up to run a 5K in July.  He hasn't done a race in about 20 years so that's really something.  The sign ups are slow so the race committee asked people who had already signed up to forward the message in hopes of getting more participants.  Running was, therefore, on my mind when I got to the gym.  I climbed up to the third floor and decided when I got there that I would run and see how it went.  And it was fine!  I felt great and my foot felt great.  I was awfully tired yesterday evening and today I'm a bit sore but all in all, I feel it was a success.  I'll run a couple times next week and then I can assess the situation.  I truly would love to do the 5K.  It's a month away from now so there's plenty of time to get ready for it.  Oh ... how much fun would that be??  Since I've been doing cardio my wind is fine.  It's just how much wear and tear my toe can take.

The weather has cooled off and it was cool enough for me to knit last night and I did.  I think I did three rows.  Mind you, those rows (rounds, actually) are getting pretty darned big.  I will end up with around 550 stitches when it's done.  It's cooler even today so I can knit some more tonight on it.  Tinkie was pretty good last night, although she wanted to play ball twice in the evening.  She needs a nice long walk.  Hopefully I can take her to the park tomorrow.  I want to take a quick run to Macy's and that's pretty much my day tomorrow except for chores.  And then Sunday morning ..... woohoo! 

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