10 June, 2015


Yesterday was quiet the day for disasters here at work.  One woman's aunt died, another woman's son had a heart attack.  Somebody else has the stomach flu.  Okay, so that's not as bad as the others, but it's a slow news day.

Graduation hasn't even happened and already it feels like the dead of summer.  It's this nice weather when we're expecting June gloom.  It puts you off kilter. 

It was too warm to do much knitting last night and even with all the windows open it felt stuffy in the house.  Tink was happy for her usual 5 o'clock walk but at 7 o'clock rather than walk up and down the streets she wanted to go around the perimeter of the yard.  Her long line doesn't get her near the tree line and sometimes that's where she wants to go, where the scents of the animals coming up from the ravine are the strongest.  I let her have a good long sniff and then I went to bed with her at 8 and finished my book.  SUCH a good read - A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson.  It's kind of like a companion book to Time After Time, another awesome read.  I have a few books in my wish list but if anyone has a recommendation .....

So it's Wednesday and I know that I'll at least get a couple rows done on that blanket this noontime.  I have got to get it done soon.  Mai will be quitting work to have her baby at the end of this month.

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