09 June, 2015

Love Locks and Chipmunks

No, they have nothing to do with each other except they're both in my mind this morning.  I have for a long time been unhappy about those stupid locks on the bridges in Paris (and other places as well).  I noticed them when I was there last July and again this spring.  What an eyesore!  Well, I read last week that they are in the process of being removed!  Hoorah!!  Now if they can do something about keeping more idiots from replacing them.  And fining the people caught selling the locks.  Fat chance.

A few weeks ago I thought I saw chipmunks in the trees but I wasn't absolutely sure.  Well, last night I was inside and looked out to see one on the deck!  A chipmunk for sure.  I was under the impression they were only in the higher elevations because I've never seen them anywhere but in the mountains.  I guess they just don't like cities. 

I really wanted to work on my blanket last night.  But because the house had been closed up while I was at work and because of the heat from the days before, it was simply too hot to sit with a blanket on my lap.  So no knitting since I had left my socks here at work.  It might not be so hot today, but my guess is it'll still be too hot tonight.  Tomorrow though, for noon knitting.  I am rather anxious to get this done. 

My new running skirt was just the thing for the gym.  I was much more comfortable although still pouring sweat.  I would dearly love to run in my running skirt but my guess is it'll be another month or so.  I want to make sure my foot is 100%.

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