30 June, 2015

It's all about football

For me, anyway.  It's five weeks until the start of training camp and this is the time of year that I'm just dying for anything football related.  I listen to sports talk radio. I watch old football movies.  In fact, last night I watched North Dallas Forty.  Well, most of it.  I forgot how much I hate the female lead in that movie.  The actress was just so wooden.  I wonder how much of it was direction and how much of it was just her.  She never really did much after that either.

When I got home the workers were still swarming over the house and sanding the deck in the back, so I had a quick shower (the windows were covered in plastic so I couldn't open them) and headed outside to the front where there was some shade and I could be away from the sanding.  Hopefully they can finish up today but I suspect not because they're going to have to do the porch and deck, two coats each.  Luckily we can come and go through the garage so they can do them at the same time.  I must say, it won't take them long to dry.

Tomorrow I've got to take the bus in to work because I'm going to a cocktail party right after work.  That's going to make for a long day.  It's noon knitting though so it won't be a complete bust of a day.  Plus I'll have to hang out for a while in the evening and I can knit. 

For now I'm enjoying the cool of the morning.  It won't last long.

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